This program is a cooperative venture run by LBTBP, LBTPD (LBT-Police Department), and local fire & EMS departments under the Public Safety Department.  Its mission is to provide the public with another layer of water safety personnel and equipment both in a direct role and indirect supporting role.  Since its inception a few years ago, this cooperative program has become nationally certified and has grown in both scope and trained personnel.

Training is interdepartmental and ongoing through the year, weather permitting, and usually entails sessions before, during and after the summer season.  Training will consist of active and passive in-water rescues and various scenarios involving transportation of victims from water to land.  PWC operators are expected to be comfortable in all water/weather conditions, be physically fit, and have a willingness to overcome and adapt to the unpredictable nature of both the conditions and the incident at-hand.

Selection of new candidates is vetted through an interview process and a practical session with the equipment.  All candidates are welcome, though prior experience (i.e. having a boating safety certificate), leadership qualities and a mature candidate are preferred.  LBTBP strives to maintain a professional profile throughout its training and in its interaction with each other and the public.

Those interested in this program should call the Beach Patrol Headquarters at (609) 361-1200 and be expected to set-up an interview and be available for training prior to the summer season.  A Boating Safety Certificate is required for these programs.

PWC – Personal Water Craft

IRB – Inflatable Rescue Boat