Guarded Beaches are highlighted in Green!

Guarded Beach Locations will be updated around 11AM each Day

July 16, 2024

Water Temp 56º

*Beach Locations are approximate due to ocean conditions*

Tract 153 (Dolphin)
Tract 141 (Seaview)
Coast Ave
Tract 99 (Harbor North)
Tract 85

Tract 53 (Harbor South)

North Beach:
Tract 1119 (Green)
Tract 1087 (Flamingo)
Tract 1065 (Pump House)
Track 1049
Tract 1023
Tract 1005

Brant Beach:
32nd Street
36th Street
40th Street
44th Street
48th Street
52nd Street
55th Street
58th Street
62nd Street
65th Street
68th Street
Bay Beach – 68th Street

Beach Haven Crest:
70th Street
75th Street
78th Street
82nd Street
86th Street
91st Street
96th Street
100th Street
104th Street
110th Street
114th Street

Spray Beach:
Colorado Ave (118th)
Ramapo Ave (122nd)
Dune Ave (127th)

Pennsylvania Ave (131st)
33rd Street
29th Street
25th Street
21st Street
17th Street
14th Street

Bay Beach – Pennsylvania Ave (131st)

Nelson Ave
Osborne Ave
Susan Ave
Rosemma Ave
Scott Dr
Chatham Ave

Jacqueline Ave
Harding Ave
Washington Ave