Beach Badges

Summer is almost here and we still have plenty of Regular Seasonal, Senior Seasonal, and free lifetime Military Veteran Beach badges available. 

We are open full time (7 days a week) from 9am to 3pm.

We have our regular Seasonal Badges ($40 ea.), Senior Citizen (65+) Seasonal Badges ($5 ea w/proof of age for each badge being purchased) and free Military Veteran (Lifetime) Beach Badges (proof of service must be supplied) available.  We also have the 2024 Shuttle Passes ($125 ea.) available.

Sales window hours are as follows:

Friday, March 29th – 9am to 3pm

Saturday thru Friday, March 30th thru September 1st – 9am – 3pm 

Monday, September 2nd – 9am to 12pm

2024 Long Beach Township Seasonal Beach Badges (Regular Seasonal, Senior Citizen Seasonal and Veteran (lifetime) Seasonal) for Long Beach Township only.  Our pre-season rate of $40.00 for our regular seasonal badges expires on Saturday, June 15th.  Starting June 16th, the regular seasonal badges will be $50.00.  We will also have our Weekly and Daily badges available starting June 15th.  That is the first day that our beaches will be guarded and checked.

Long Beach Township badges are not valid for Barnegat Light, Harvey Cedars, Surf City, Ship Bottom or Beach Haven Borough.  You can purchase those from their municipal offices.

Badges are not required for children 11 years of age and under.

For information on our mobile option please go to:

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Seasonal beach badges can only be purchased either at the Long Beach Township Beach Badge Sales Office in Brant Beach or on our mobile app MyBeachMobile (physical badges will still have to be picked up at Beach Badge Sales Office)

Daily & Weekly badges can be purchased at either the LBT Beach Badge Office, on 68th Street in Brant Beach, from our mobile app or on the beach from one of our Beach Badge Checkers (in-season June 15th – September 2nd).

Beach Badge Sales Location:

68th St in Brant Beach:

  •  March 29, 2024 thru September 2, 2024 (Labor Day) – Everyday 9am-3pm (9am-12pm on Sept. 2nd)

Senior Citizen Seasonal beach badges can be obtained for $5.00 with proof of age (65 years and older) at the Beach Badge Office on 68th Street in Brant Beach or on the beach from one of our Beach Badge Checkers.  Senior Badges issued prior to the 2010 season (the white badge with red/blue logo) are lifetime badges.  If these older senior badges are lost/misplaced, new yearly badges can be purchased for $5.00 each for the current season.  We are not able to supply replacements.

Military Veteran Seasonal (Lifetime) beach badges can be obtained at no cost with valid military identification (i.e.. DD-214, etc.) at the beach badge office on 68th Street in Brant Beach or on the beach from one of our Beach Badge Checkers.

Active military (and their spouse and children) are welcome to visit our beaches at no cost to them, provided they show their active duty ID.  This can be accomplished by showing the actual ID, photocopy or cell phone picture of same.

To reserve Regular Seasonal Badges at Pre-Season Rate:

For preseason seasonal beach badges only (not for senior citizen or veteran seasonal badges), mail check/money order made out to Township of Long Beach along with this form and self-addressed stamped envelope for receipt (we do not mail badges) to:  

Long Beach Township
Beach Badge Dept
6805 Long Beach Blvd
Brant Beach, NJ 08008

2024 Beach Badge Order Form  –  2024 BB Order Form  (<— click on this link for form)

2024 Beach Badge Prices:

Preseason Seasonal Rate (use 2024 form) $40 Badges are not required for children 11 years of age or under.
purchased on/before June 15, 2024
The following towns are within Long Beach Township:
Seasonal Beach Badge (don’t use form)            $50 High Bar Harbor, Loveladies, North Beach, Brant Beach, Beach Haven
purchased June 16, 2024 and after Crest, Brighton Beach, Peahala Park, Beach Haven Park, Haven Beach,
Beach Haven Terrace, Beach Haven Gardens, Bay Vista, Spray Beach,
Senior Citizen Seasonal Beach Badge $5 North Beach Haven, Beach Haven Heights, Silver Sands, Beach Haven
(don’t use form) Inlet and Holgate.
valid proof of age, 65+, required in person at time of purchase
Weekly Beach Badge (don’t use form)            $20 Commemorative Beach Badge Set – 1977 to 2024                       $195.00
week runs Saturday – Friday
Daily Beach Badge (don’t use form)            $10
purchased in-season on beach or at BB Office
Veteran Beach Badge (don’t use form) $0
valid id required (i.e.: DD-214, etc.)

Payment forms accepted: Cash, Check or Credit Card (with applicable 2.75% fee for all debit and credit cards)

  • Beach Badges are non-refundable, non-replaceable if lost or stolen, no exceptions.
  • All persons age 12 and over, from June 15, 2024 to September 2, 2024 (10am-5pm), must have Long Beach Township issued beach badges while on the beaches of Long Beach Township.
  • See the list of beaches within Long Beach Township above.

2024 Holiday Beach Badge Information:

We have a limited number of Holiday Badges available for sale.  They are the same price as the regular seasonal beach badges.  They are sold from the 68th Street (Meade Avenue) Beach Badge Office in Brant Beach, NJ.

Contact the Beach Badge Office:

P: 1-609-361-6675